Philarch Ltd. was established in the summer of 2004 as a result of the growing number of projects assigned to Evtim Filipov since 2001.

The main activities of Philarch Ltd are the preparation of investment engineering projects) and the design of exterior and interior electric wiring for apartment, administrative, and industrial buildings and houses.

The company provides services at all stages of the investment process: preliminary research, concept development, design, working plans, supervision and/or consultations during project's implementation and construction.

At the design stage we aim to meet the requirements of the client as well as to offer innovative and contemporary solutions which comply with the current standards and laws.

The flexibility of our teamwork allows us to offer our clients the best possible design solutions.

The office of Philarch Ltd is very close to downtown Sofia. The company has highly qualified personnel and is furnished with the necessary technical equipment so that any services related to the design of electric installations can be provided.